Hecate - Ego Dissolution

Are you spooked enough already?!!

Well…we have more in store for all of you!

Experiencing egoistical dilemmas is part of being human, the first track “Ego Dissolution” refers to the destruction of ego, principal root cause of most down-low’s in our cosmic ride. The tracks consists of conversations from the movie ”Doctor strange” laying importance to go beyond and allow revealing yourself to the magic of the universe as-is -raw and serene.

Second track ”Rebellious Fuckers”, sits well to the situation with COVID-19 experienced by each & everyone of us right now. Indicating the right that all species have-to & must-do what they want (or not!). The track also hints at the interferences we are subject to at all times and the significance of free will as we continue dwelling on this planet.


Product typeEP (two tracks)
StyleElectronic, Psychedelic
Release dateOctober -17-2020
Mastering byBruno Biomekanik @ Biolab Studio, Berlin
Artwork byDesign Mantra