Astra – Practical Jokes

Release Date: July 07, 2021

Exposed to Psytrance at a very early age of 18, Astra has had a unique and interesting journey, officially taking the stage in 2017 as he made the Himalayan valleys sway in his style – there was no going back from there for this newborn star!

Avid traveller and ever so Interactive, Astra had an opportunity to hold jam sessions with a variety of artists treading the lands of Indian subcontinent every single year developing a taste of music hands-on – deeply and purely psychedelic.
Kudos to all the support from his friends and family, Astra received his first round of credits soon after and was honored as a resident artist for 5th Dimension Events in Himachal Pradesh demonstrating his music abilities and unconditional love for Psytrance.

Believer in creating a groovy, hypnotic ambience & spreading the psychedelic vibes of music, Astra traverses through his trance music journey in Forest , Twilight , Dark Psy at 145 – 160 BPM, brilliantly adding a certain zest when performing at Cosmic Kasol (Kasol)/ Highland Gathering, Toshnima (Tosh)/ Alaukik Tribal Gathering, Sattva Rituals (Mumbai)


Astra – Brain Invasion

Release Date: June 20, 2021