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Ever imagined about the complex network that keeps your brain going even if not you are not into the task at-hand?? Scientifically called the default-mode-network, is where this brand new track from Yokshaa would like to take our audience into, mind you, not only the network, but we want you to explore the mindfulness or the awareness of it! Wait! We are not done yet – Astra in this single composition will take us a step further to launch “spikes” or neuron “firings,” in this super unique network – release to the super groovy tunes and let the messages travel down your axon!

Astra – Brain Invasion

Release Date: June 20, 2021


Product typeSingle
StyleElectronic, Psychedelic
Release dateJune-20-2021
Mastering byArjun Srivastava AKA Voyd Realm
Artwork byDesign Mantra